dcuk The Duck Company Natural Welly Duckling – Blue Spotty Welly Boots


  • Wooden Duck Gift/ornament
  • Available in 5 different colours
  • Carved from Bamboo Wood & painted by Hand Naturally.
  • 18m High
  • Note all the ducks  come in randomly selected poses and may vary from photos shown.

dcuk The Duck Company Natural Welly Duckling – Blue Spotty Welly Boots

  • Original wooden ducks: a unique and quirky gift and collectable home accessory.

  • Crafted from bamboo, each one is carved and finished or painted by hand, ensuring that every duck is an individual – just like the characterful creatures that inspire them.

  • DCUK designs range from striking personalities to family sets and vary in size from the adorable baby ducky to proud standing ducks.

  • These wooden duck ornaments are inspired by Indian Runner ducks, a flightless breed who have learnt to outrun their owners on the islands of Indonesia! Although these  ducks don’t generally run…, they’re full of personality and long to be part of a family, brightening the day of anyone lucky enough to receive them.

    • Finish:Natural
    • Style:Spotty Welly Boots
    • Approximate Size:18cm
    • Comes in a variety of colours


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