dcuk The Duck Company : Wedding Duck Groom (D3WED-G)


dcuk  :The Duck Company : Wedding Duck Groom (D3WED-G)


A quacking way to say “I do” – our romantic ducklings love to dress up in all their finery to help a bride and groom celebrate a very special day.

A unique engagement or wedding gift

  • Wedding Ducklings  : Bride & Groom
  • Wooden Duck Gift/ornament
  • Come in Gift Box
  • Carved from Bamboo Wood & painted by Hand Naturally.
  • 18cm High


dcuk  :The Duck Company : Wedding Duck Groom (D3WED-G)

Hand crafted wooden duck gift

Hand carved & painted wooden ducks.

Original wooden ducks: a unique and quirky gift and collectable home accessory/ornamanent

The groom duckling comes with a top hat, coat and a bow tie, the bride with a necklace and veil.

Both stand approx 18cm high with a beautiful wood finish.

A Memorable Wedding Gift for a Memorable Day

Crafted from bamboo, each one is carved and finished or painted by hand, ensuring that every duck is an individual - just like the characterful creatures that inspire them.

DCUK designs range from striking personalities to family sets and vary in size from the adorable baby ducky to proud standing ducks.

These wooden duck ornaments are inspired by Indian Runner ducks, a flightless breed who have learnt to outrun their owners on the islands of Indonesia! Although these  ducks don't generally run..., they’re full of personality and long to be part of a family, brightening the day of anyone lucky enough to receive them.

  • Finish:Natural
  • Approximate Size H 18cm (in box)
  • Comes in Gift Box

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