• These beautifully crafted wooden ducklets make the perfect present for a loved one or as a unique gift for your home.
  • Presented with finely painted wooden floral welly boots.
  • Each duck is hand-carved and painted giving them their own unique character & personality.
  • Size: Approx. 30cm High.
  • Flowers on their feet – these natural wooden ducks are feeling the flower power vibe with beautifully hand-painted blossoms all over their shiny coloured welly boots.

Original hand crafted wooden ducks: a unique and quirky gift and collectable home accessory.

  • Crafted from bamboo, each one is carved and finished or painted by hand, ensuring that every duck is an individual – just like the characterful creatures that inspire them.
  • DCUK designs range from striking personalities to family sets and vary in size from the adorable baby ducky to proud standing ducks.
  • These wooden duck ornaments are inspired by Indian Runner ducks, a flightless breed who have learnt to outrun their owners on the islands of Indonesia! Although these  ducks don’t generally run…, they’re full of personality and long to be part of a family, brightening the day of anyone lucky enough to receive them.
  • Finish:Natural
  • Style:Floral  Welly Boots
  • Approximate Size:30 cm
  • Comes in a variety of colours

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